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New Automation and AI Tech to Match Students with Work Placements

Workscan CEO, Ioannis Antypas

The future of work placements: How smart portals are helping students make even smarter employment choices 

Workscan is a new type of placement platform utilising the power of automation and AI to match students with trusted, respected and suitable employers

Work placement services are moving into an advanced new age from 2022 – with automation technology revolutionising how employment portals match students with businesses. 

Thanks to the transformative power of AI, the next generation of placement platforms are helping students to make smarter choices when it comes to finding vital experience at suitable companies. 

Workscan is among the first examples of these ‘smart’ portals – drawing on student’s skills, grades and hobbies to serve up improved employment opportunities that match with their ability and personality. The platform can even tell the student what the chances are of getting into a particular placement (taking the volume of other applications into account). 

Automated placement systems are also superior in their ability to safeguard the students using them. Workscan, for example, is capable of conducting background checks on businesses – meaning every company that signs up will be confirmed as a genuine firm that has passed compliance checks with compliance liability. 

The integration of AI features also means further reach for students and companies alike – with more types of appealing placements available and a richer base of ideal candidates to pick from. 

Workscan was launched by a former student at the University of West London (UWL), Ioannis Antypas, who was inspired to write his dissertation on student placements after finding his own application experiences to be slow and outdated. 

After obtaining a first-class degree from the elite Information Technology Management for Business course, Antypas has since brought his former education institute on board for an exclusive partnership – with UWL supporting the launch of his Workscan portal. 

Workscan CEO, Ioannis Antypas stated: “Finding placements still involves filling out paper forms and submitting them manually – it’s all outdated. I realised something had to be done, we’re in the 21st century now – and there’s AI and machine learning that should be part of this process. 

“So, I made it my mission to create an automation platform designed to get students into the best industrial placements possible. 

“Working with UWL, myself and the team can continue to receive expert advice and build something that benefits students and businesses.”

Workscan will be open to a wide range of universities and employers – with 35 education facilities and 80 organisations already expressing interest in becoming part of the platform. 

Workscan has also attracted interest from UWL’s placement team to help more than 120 students.

The official launch date for the Workscan portal is early 2022. 

Employers, businesses and students can all sign up to the waiting list right now. Registered wait-listers are not only granted priority access when the platform opens for business, but are also promised the first heads-up when the time comes to cut the ribbon. 

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