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New EdTech modules released with a focus on digital wellbeing and managing online learning

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Twelve new bite-size EdTech modules have been released on the @E_T_Foundation’s (ETF’s) Enhance Digital Teaching Platform to provide further support for practitioners teaching learners based at home.

One of the major themes of the new batch of modules is digital wellbeing – a topic of increasing importance at a time when people are spending more time using digital devices and going online to work, learn and socialise. The eight new modules join three existing modules which have already proved amongst the most popular modules on the platform. New topics covered include:

  • Managing multiple digital identities
  • Private content vs public access
  • Managing digital reputation
  • Health risks of using technology
  • Effective communication for learners
  • Addressing cyberbullying
  • Environmental impact of digital technologies
  • Teaching strategy for promoting technology for health and wellbeing.

Four more modules join the recently created category for ‘Managing Online and Blended Learning’, providing further support for hybrid delivery modules necessitated by the current lockdown. Topics in this category cover:

  • Technology for organising learning
  • Using blogs, diaries, planning tools
  • Managing pace, progress and direction
  • Managing own learning (learners).

All modules are mapped to the Digital Teaching Professional Framework and cover the spectrum of competencies from Exploring (Starter) through Adopting (intermediate) to Leading (advanced).

Vikki Liogier, the ETF’s National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills said:

“We know that digital wellbeing is a particular concern at the moment for both educators and learners. There has been significant disruption in teaching and learning since last March and a lot of that change has been enforced rather than chosen. Whilst moving online has been a lifeline, not just in learning but for life in general, it brings a whole range of new considerations. I am therefore delighted that we are able to offer increasing support in this area.”

The new modules can be accessed via these links:

Digital Wellbeing
Managing Online and Blended Learning

Over 30,000 bite-size EdTech training modules have been completed on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform by registered users with over 11,000 EdTech badges awarded.

For more information on the ETF’s EdTech offer, please visit the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

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