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New Online Platform Makes Mandarin Easier To Learn Than Ever Before

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Celebrate Chinese New Year and Learn Mandarin…Instantly!

Bespoke One-to-One Teaching Courses to Aid Business, Tourism, Conversational and Educational Study.

A major new initiative geared to making Mandarin more accessible and easier to learn for English-speaking audiences across the world is being launched as part of celebrations marking the start of the Year of the Pig, the Chinese New Year, today, February 5th.

Instant Mandarin is an on-line teaching platform supported by some of China’s most well-respected educational institutions, which now going live for the first time outside China. The programme’s website  offers personalised and affordable one-to-one Mandarin tuition, linking the user directly with a live, personal tutor drawn from a pool of highly qualified teachers educated to master degree level and above.

Instant Mandarin is a working partnership with the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE) bringing together Chinese universities and teaching institutions. It aims to capitalise on the huge surge of popularity for Mandarin across the globe, with an estimated 100 million people outside China currently learning the language.

Yet while it remains the world’s most widely spoken language with more than one billion speakers, Mandarin is still regarded as one of the hardest to learn with a complex writing system and a wide range of tonal inflections. This is a perception which Kevin Diao, founder of Instant Mandarin, hopes to change bringing with him 15 years’ experience as one China’s leading experts in delivering education-based international programmes.

“As we celebrate the Year of the Pig, representing luck, wealth and good fortune we have a wonderful opportunity to bring some of the world’s most qualified Mandarin teachers directly into the homes, workplaces and classrooms of those who want to study the language,” he says.

“Our structured one-to-one sessions establish a close student and teacher learning relationship – literally bringing the language to life, as well as providing a much more in-depth understanding of the nuances, culture and traditions behind this most complex yet beautiful of languages.

“Our management team reflect both Chinese and western influences, which means we understand the needs of today’s global audiences for both learning and applying Mandarin. And while Chinese Mandarin is a traditional language, with a long cultural history, we also use a more contemporary approach to aid a more practical and conversational understanding of the world’s most widely spoken language.”    

Central to the teaching strategy behind Instant Mandarin is flexibility – both in the frequency and intensity of classes which are structured around individual needs and timetables, and in the type of tuition offered.

Lessons are kept to 25 minutes which research shows is the maximum learning time for learning Mandarin in one session. And users can choose from a range of courses, including standard and academic as well as those geared towards business, tourism, conversational or simply basic and survival needs. Classes are also provided for young learners based around the YCT (Youth Chinese Test), the international standardised system for measuring the Chinese level of young learners.

Kevin Diao adds: “We are committed to investing in and expanding both our offering and geographical reach to be at the forefront of the digitalization of education, using developing technology to make the learning experience more accessible, affordable and flexible for everyone. But while technology will help us connect to our audiences, it’s the personal contact that we provide with native speakers which is essential for truly understanding and learning any foreign language.”


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