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Northern Regional College champions sustainable money habits in National Student Money Week

64% of students say that financial anxiety has affected their mental health

The National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) is launching its ninth National Student Money Week, NSMW2020, supported by Blackbullion, in a move to help more young people to spend healthily and to encourage students to create positive and sustainable money habits.

Social money app, Pingit, will also partner with the campaign. The campaign will run across the whole of the UK with 103 colleges and universities participating with a huge variety of activities to help students to “Spend Healthy, Live Healthy”.

Stephen McCartney Northern Regional College’s Head of Student Services, also Company Director and Chair of NASMA, explained more about the campaign:

“Having seen the need for strong financial education for students, National Student Money Week is all about how we can inspire students to be more financially capable. Young people invariably require support to help manage their money more effectively and see how their spending impacts our environment.

“This year’s theme is “Spend Healthy, Live Healthy!” which is why we are delighted to be supported by Blackbullion and Pingit, who offer rich resources to inspire lasting change in money management. Together, we can reach even more students, and transform how young people think about and engage with money, increasing students’ awareness about what habits they can implement to be happier, healthier and more sustainable spenders.”

Running from 3rd to 7th February, National Student Money Week aims to increase student awareness about the habits they can change and implement to be happier, healthier and more sustainable spenders. From reusable food jars with recipes to “The Little Book of Sustainable Money Habits”, the aim is to engage students in vital financial conversations. Last year, over 90 UK further and higher education institutions participated in the biggest student money awareness week in the country.

Northern Regional College is a lead player in Northern Ireland supporting National Student Money Week. Across the College’s six campuses, a range of activities will be happening to encourage students to engage and have fun with this campaign. From cookery advice, environmentally friendly shopping habits to draws and raffles and an online interactive money learning tool, students will be encouraged to develop their ability to spend their money wisely and cultivate good environmentally friendly habits at home and in the workplace.

The campaign in the College is being supported by Student Finance and the wider Student Services Department. It is anticipated that the learning absorbed during this week can become part of our students’ lives and contribute to their wellbeing.

Vivi Friedgut, founder and CEO of Blackbullion commented:

“We know that Gen Z is, in the main cautious about their spending habits. With 64% of students saying financial anxiety affects their mental health, this campaign is all about bringing this awareness together, in a personal and engaging way.”

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