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Oak National Academy launches new suite of resources to support summer learning

Matt Hood, Principal at Oak National Academy
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@OakNational Academy, the UK’s online classroom, has developed a new package of optional resources for schools that are planning to host summer learning clubs or set pupils work for the break. 

Oak’s Summer Learning Support covers lessons from early years through to Year 11, and includes identified ‘priority’ units and lessons in maths, English, science, history and geography. They have been carefully designed by subject specialists to save teachers time if they choose to prepare summer learning either in school or for pupils to complete at home. A new set of quizzes will be added to the online resource as a tool to help teachers identify any gaps in pupils’ knowledge. There will also be a full package of detailed guidance for teachers, parents and pupils. 

Recognising the importance of pupils’ wellbeing and the impact the pandemic has had, Oak National Academy is balancing academic content with creative, active and mental health resources provided by brilliant partner organisations, including BAFTA, Place2Be and the National Literacy Trust.

Alongside the new Summer Learning Support, available from June 7th, Oak will keep its 40,000 teacher-led resources across 35 subjects available free for all schools. 

The Department for Education is offering funding for one to two weeks of teaching in school over summer. Oak’s specially-designated resources will save teachers time if they choose to run a summer school, set work for home learning or share resources with parents and pupils to use over the summer. 

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Like all Oak resources, the optional Summer Learning Support has been created by teachers, for teachers and can be used as they are or adapted to meet pupils’ needs. 

Matt Hood, Principal at Oak National Academy, said:  

“We’ve spent the past year making a small contribution to the fantastic work schools have been doing to keep pupils learning.

“Now we want to help schools who are considering hosting summer schools, or setting summer homework to prepare pupils for next year. We’ve worked with teachers to identify priority topics for every year group, creating lessons to best support all pupils.  

“Whether you want to run a full summer school, set tailored learning to give pupils that additional support, or to share resources with parents looking for advice – Oak is here to help.” 

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