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Olympic Champion Derek Redmond OLY to Deliver Keynote Address at the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify

The Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify is thrilled to announce Derek Redmond OLY, celebrated Olympic athlete and motivational speaker, as the keynote speaker for its upcoming event on June 11th, 2024, at Millennium Point in Birmingham.

Derek Redmond is an iconic figure renowned for his remarkable display of determination and resilience during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Despite enduring a severe injury during the 400-meter semi-final race, Redmond valiantly completed the race with the assistance of his father, epitomising the spirit of perseverance and inspiring millions worldwide, including United States President Barak Obama.

At the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify, Derek Redmond will share insights garnered from his extraordinary journey as an athlete and his subsequent career as a motivational speaker. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on overcoming obstacles, fostering resilience, and achieving excellence in their personal and professional endeavours.

Derek Redmond OLY, Keynote speaker at the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify Said:

“I am truly honoured and delighted to be the keynote speaker for the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify. My journey, marked by adversity and triumph, underscores the importance of resilience in navigating life’s challenges. Through sharing my experiences and professional insights, I hope to inspire attendees on how amplifying their brand, embracing resilience, and harness the power of positive change can be a catalyst for growth and success. Together, let’s empower the next generation to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and leave an indelible mark on the world.”

The Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify a partnership between the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and ThinkFest aims to bring together industry leaders, employers, educators, and apprenticeship advocates to explore innovative strategies for enhancing the visibility and appeal of apprenticeship programs. Through engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the conference seeks to amplify awareness and understanding of apprenticeships as a pathway to career success.

Safaraz Ali, CEO of the Pathway Group and founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance said:

“We are honoured to have Derek Redmond OLY join us as the keynote speaker for the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify. His story of resilience and determination embodies the core values of our conference, and we are confident that his address will inspire and empower our attendees to reach new heights in their apprenticeship branding initiatives.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Derek Redmond OLY and other esteemed speakers at the Apprenticeship Branding Conference – Amplify. Secure your spot today to gain invaluable insights and contribute to the advancement of apprenticeship branding initiatives.

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