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One Moment in Time, One Unforgettable Night

On stage in one of London’s most prestigious theatres, a cast of over 200 talented performers came together to show the West End just how it can be done, with their production of One Moment in Time.

This one off show, which was performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre, was a celebration of 10 years of the International CrossOver Community College Project. The project offered life-changing opportunities to students and young people across the London Borough of Havering and to showcase its success, the theatrical evening evolved.

Filled with music, dance and a smidgeon of comedy, the production gave its audience an evening to remember. There was applause throughout the performance as the talented stars from schools and colleges lit up the stage with much loved songs and slick dance routines.

Special guest star Bernie Clifton brought laughter to the auditorium with his comic timing, songs and beaming personality. Bernie Clifton added;

“Can I just say what a terrific time I had appearing with you all at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Sunday. It was a joy to share the West End stage with you, Here’s to the next time, much love Bernie Clifton”.

Director, Producer, Writer and MD: Peter Dayson was truly overwhelmed by the success of the show and was rightly proud of the achievement of his cast and crew.  He said;

“Ten years ago we started an International CrossOver Community College Project, and Ten years on,  I am very proud of the 5000 students, staff, carers, technical crew that have made this unique 4 time award winning project such an enormous success. Long may it continue. Without the support of our Principal, Maria Thompson and our Chairmen of the Board of Governors, Stan Rose, this would not be possible”.

It was very apparent just how immensely hard the cast and production team had worked to make this happen.  





Adam Wheeler ∙ Alannah Long ∙ Alice Lily Agate-Bacon ∙ Amber Hawkins ∙ Andrea Gray ∙ Angel Adejei ∙ Anna Chapman ∙ Ashleigh Vaus ∙ Beckie Hardy ∙ Bernie Clifton ∙ Beth Dixon ∙ Brooke Wooley ∙ Celeste Akal ∙ Charlotte Coughlin ∙ Cherrise Inez ∙ Clare Griffin ∙ Codie Chamberlain ∙ Dave Wood ∙ Ella Hunt ∙ Elouise Powell ∙ Erin Gibson ∙ Erin Ragavelas ∙ Francesco De Vito ∙ Harrison Mann ∙ Izzy Robinson-Jayes ∙ James Myner ∙ Jedd Aguis ∙ Joanne Palmer ∙ Julie Barlow ∙ Julie Kate Olivier ∙ Kian Muwenda Simbwas ∙ Kelly Clegg ∙ Kyla McGinn ∙ Lavender Fong ∙ Leila Pacey ∙ Lillie Butler ∙ Linda Taylor ∙ Lois Ryott ∙ Louise Heather ∙ Lucy Chapman ∙ Lucy Dayson ∙ Lucy Higgins ∙ Luke Dowdall ∙ Lynne Trubridge ∙ Maddie Franks ∙ Maelyss Moore ∙ Maisie Norris ∙ Maisie Pearson ∙ Martin Hart ∙ Mathew Dunn ∙ Max Parrott ∙ Melissa Woodhurst ∙ Mia Barrett ∙ Millie Sharpe ∙ Nial Mansfield ∙ Paris Brown ∙ Parris Allison ∙ Pauline Baker ∙ Pauline Burgin ∙ Peter Beadle ∙ Princess Adjei ∙ Rachel Stubbs ∙ Rebecca Beattie ∙ Renae Jax ∙ Rene Butcher ∙ Robbie Hunt ∙ Rubie Edwards ∙ Samantha Fong ∙ Sam Marston Luke Dowdall ∙ Shannon Borowski ∙ Sophie Sherrin ∙ Thisbe Barnett ∙ Tiana Lucke ∙ Tim Faulkner ∙ Tommy Hunt ∙ Vi-Anne Small ∙ Victoria DJ Hollywood ∙ Victoria Wake ∙ Will Trubridge


Ardleigh Green Junior School ∙ Marshalls Park ∙ Abbs Cross ∙ Emerson Park ∙ Bower Park ∙ Corbets Tey ∙ Upminster Junior ∙ Mead School ∙ Rise Park ∙ Sydney Russell ∙ Barking & Dagenham College ∙ Havering 6th Form ∙ Sacred Heart ∙ Brentwood Ursuline ∙ Redden Court ∙ Sanders Draper ∙ All Saints ∙ Albany High School ∙ Finch Stage School roduction Team

Producation Team

Director, Producer, Peter DaysonWriter & MD:

Choreographer: Joanne Dockery

Production Manager: Peter Taylor

Technical Advisor: Will Trubridge

Costume & Wardrobe: Rebecca Prater & Lynne Trubridge

Production Assistants: Emily Roberts & Kimberley Locke

Technical Associates: Iain Stewart, Brad King & Nathan Slater

Sound Design: Alex Wood and HCFE Tech. students

Production Associate: Dave Wood

Musical Arranger: Paris Allison


Peter Dayson, Keys

James Dean, Drums

Ryan Heather, Bass Guitar

Danny Hayes, Lead Guitar

Paris Allison, Sax / Clarinet


Judy McKenzie

Claire Watkins


Chloe Stockwell


Carmina Ballantine

Alastair Seth


Havering College of Further and Higher Education

Ardleigh Green Campus

Ardleigh Green Road

Hornchurch Essex RM11 2LL

Please note: Havering College of Further and Higher Education is also known as Havering College. It is NOT the same organisation as Havering Sixth Form College

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