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Orange Bus’s experience taking on an Apprentice from the Dynamo Hub

Orange Bus are a strategic digital agency based in Newcastle-upon-tyne. Being a creative and fun environment, full of experienced staff to learn from, makes this a perfect environment for an apprentice. Technical Director of Orange bus, Chris Scudder, gave us his thoughts on the Dynamo Apprentice Hub and their Apprentice, Kieran.

What was it that excited you and Orange Bus about the Dynamo Apprentice Hub?

We were particularly interested in the new ways Baltic Training is teaching young adults prior to joining the workplace. We’d already spoken with a number of apprentices and found they weren’t quite where we needed them to able to integrate them into the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of Orange Bus. We need apprentices who have an understanding of the basics – even if they don’t know how to apply them yet.

Why did you hire from the Dynamo Apprentice Hub in the end?

We’d spent considerable time interviewing candidates from a number of locations without success and we had a specific calibre of candidate in mind. The Hub gave us that streamlined supply of such candidates who were ready to join the business. We were looking for someone exceptional who could pick up and run with programming quickly.

What impact did Kieran have on your business when he began his apprenticeship?

Kieran was the first apprentice Orange Bus had hired and it was a bit of a learning curve for us in terms of how much time and effort is needed for training at this level. That in no way reflects Keiran’s capabilities – it was a learning for us and we now know that it’s an investment that takes time and patience – but it is one that totally pays off. Kieran is now a fully utilised, valued member of the team.

How work-ready was Kieran when he joined?

Kieran had knowledge of programming when he joined the company but certainly benefitted from on-the-job training.
Of course, the technology sector is so vast that it takes time for anyone to get up to speed commercially on the areas we work in – it’s a process. Kieran is now fully competent working in the QA space.

How has Kieran benefited from his apprenticeship with you?

Kieran is now fully trained up and is working with QA practices, so he could easily carve out a career in the technology sector. He’s able to interact with other team members in a professional way and his opinions on tasks are considered to be very valid, which is great for everyone.

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