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Promethean Launches ActivInspire Software Offering Intuitive Tools and Greater Ease of Use

First cross-platformsoftware for interactive whiteboards, developed by teachers for teachers

Promethean, a globalleader in interactive learning technology, today announces the worldwide launchof its latest innovative interactive software, ActivInspire. The softwaredevelopment included a successful trial period and collaboration withspecialist teacher user groups, who have given valuable feedback to ensureActivInspire meets today’s teaching and learning needs.  

ActivInspire is an easy-to-use software package designed to be adaptable to a teacher’s experience, subject matter or teaching style. The software can be used across multiple operating platforms in combination with both the ActivBoard and other interactive whiteboard manufacturers. Fully integrated with Promethean’s existing product range, ActivInspire is created for use in classrooms worldwide, from primary through to secondary and higher education.

ActivInspire is available in two versions: Personal and Professional. The Personal Edition is free to everyone for download and includes a breadth of features and functionality, including new browsers that make lesson planning quicker and easier. The Professional Edition contains a range of new and enhanced features including an intelligent shapes library, screen recorder and handwriting recognition. It is currently on offer at a promotional cost until the end of June.

From today, practitioners, students and parents will be able to download ActivInspire from Promethean Planet at

ActivInspire contains a range of exciting new features designed to enhance teaching in the classroom:

·       Fully compatible with all major operating platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and a range of interactive whiteboards.

·       Choice of ‘Primary’ or ‘Secondary’ user interface from a single application.

·       Full integration of ActivClassroom solutions, including Promethean’s ActiVote and ActivExpression Learner Response Systems, which can be seamlessly incorporated into lessons.

·       First intuitive software of its kind that is designed for the classroom and to suit the style of the teacher.

·       The ability to customise and personalise toolbars and layout of the program.

·       Flexible to supports multiple profiles for different teachers, subjects or year-groups.

·      An extended library of resources with thousands of ready-to-use flipcharts, backgrounds, images, shapes and activities that can be instantly accessed through Promethean’s online teaching community, Promethean Planet (

·       An innovative toolbar that updates automatically with the most frequently used and last used tools.

·      Integrated media players, images, and audio, as well as existing resources, even if from different interactive whiteboard software or programs such as PowerPoint™.

ActivInspire is available in two versions; Personal and Professional Editions:

·       ActivInspire Personal Edition is free to all users and is fully compatible with Promethean’s Learner Response Systems. The software features the essential ActivInspire functionality – browsers that can move easily between different pages, actions and objects, and quick lesson building using themed flipchart templates.

·       ActivInspire Professional Edition contains all of the functionality of ActivInspire Personal but more – with extended features including a shapes library, screen recorder and sound recorder to give teachers more inspiration and help them plan their lessons quicker.


Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO, Promethean, says: “Interactive classroom tools such as ActivInspire present new ideas and opportunities for schools to help the long term transformation of the education system and meet new teaching demands. Since we previewed it in January the response has been tremendous, and as the software has been assessed on the needs of those who will ultimately use it – teachers – we are confident about its success. We hope it will help save teachers precious time and encourage them to develop lessons in new and intriguing ways.”

Alison Reese, primary teacher at Frith Manor School, Barnet, London said: “Promethean ActivInspire is opening up new opportunities for my colleagues and pupils, building on the popularity and success we have seen from ActivPrimary. Our teachers have seen huge differences in pupil’s engagement since using the resource and love that they are more involved with what they are learning. As soon as the software reached our school, the teachers were excited to see the new tools it included.”

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