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Public Services course at CONEL prepared Paratrooper to ‘excel at career’

A Paratrooper has told how he leapt at the chance to fulfil his dream of joining the Armed Forces by enlisting on a Public Services diploma.

Private Hani Gue-Hassan, 25, joined the Army in October 2012 after completing a Level 3 Diploma in Public Services at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) in 2011.

After finishing his basic training, he was posted to the 3rd Battalion of The Parachute Regiment for the 16 Air Assault Brigade for four months before being assigned to reconnaissance.

Hani said: “Many of the skills and knowledge I learned at CONEL – team building, courage, commitment, discipline, respect for others, integrity – followed me into the military, and helped me to adjust quickly and excel in my career.

Paratrooper Hani Gue-Hassan
Paratrooper Private Hani Gue-Hassan joined The Army after studying Public Services at CONEL.

“The course was both interesting and fun. There was always an element to look forward to and  something new to learn about, and the tutors made sure that kept that running throughout the year.”


The College offers Public Services courses from Level 1 to Level 3 and HNC and HND qualifications, with many students going on to enter the military or emergency services or continue their studies at university.

“The course is really beneficial in making sure you are prepared for the services when you join,” said Level 3 student Jonathan Ellis-Beattie, 20, who hopes to join the Royal Navy.

“It gives you an understanding what is happening around the world and how to deal with situations, such as holding the line, standing your ground and not using excessive force if you’re controlling a crowd.”

Can Comak, 21, is studying at the College while training to be a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police at Hendon Police College.

Paratrooper Hani Gue-Haasan
Paratrooper Private Hani Gue-Hassan.

“It’s always been my ambition to join the police and I felt this was the right option. There’s no other course that gives you the actual skills you need to get into public services.” he said.

Britto Mathew, 18, who also wants to join the Met, added: “This is the best place to learn the skills you need. The teaching is excellent. There isn’t anything like this at school that prepares you for what it’s exactly like on the beat.”

Brendan Berry, Curriculum Manager for Sport, Public Services, Princes Trust and KS4, saluted the achievements of past and present students at the College.

He said: “Joining the Armed forces or any of the public services can be a very rewarding and exciting career, and our courses at CONEL continue to produce some great talent within these professions.

“When you hear what students like Hani have gone onto achieve, it not only makes you feel very proud and satisfied as a teacher, but it’s also hugely inspirational for our students.”

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