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Pupils from Denton Community College and West Hill School given ‘green’ light for race day

Pupils from Denton Community College and West Hill School built two electric kit cars to compete in the Greenpower Challenge, with the help of Tameside College teachers.

The pupils spent two days in Tameside College’s automotive department, building and then testing their cars, which come in kit form.
The aim of the competition is to build a car which can travel the furthest distance on a single charge, meaning the pupils had to work with gear ratios, electronics, aerodynamics and more.

The Greenpower Challenge is a national competition which encourages young people to get involved in engineering by designing, building and racing their own go kart. Now that the cars are complete, they will be raced by the students at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool against teams from across the north west.

Greenpower is one strand of Tameside College’s strategy to promote careers in the engineering industry. Overall, the sector contributes 26% of the UK’s GDP per year and more young people are needed to replace an ageing workforce.

Jackie Moores, principal of Tameside College and Clarendon Sixth Form College, said:

“I am delighted to see the work the pupils have produced in just two days, it’s amazing. Greenpower at Tameside College is in its 3rd year now and it’s about more than just building a car, it really helps to promote engineering and STEM subjects as a career option to young people. Plus they all have a great time doing it. Good luck to the teams on race day.” 

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