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RADA Business expands its online offering with new virtual programmes

  • RADA Business has extended its online offering by launching new virtual programmes
  • The new virtual series includes Unlocking Relationships, Leading in a Remote Environment, Voice of Influence, Interviewing Skills, Executive Presence for Women, Impact and Influence for Women, Presenting Made Brilliant, Personal Impact and Stepping up with Confidence for Women

RADA Business, the commercial subsidiary of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, is continuing to expand its virtual performance training by launching three brand new programmes, whilst having already moved another six online to keep up with demand. 

This announcement comes as many leaders continue to face significant challenges, communicating and managing their teams through uncertain times, remotely.

The virtual programmes have each been designed to help business professionals lead, inspire, and connect with an audience in any situation. Equipping them with techniques to perform better at work, by mastering the art of leadership, communication and public speaking.

The virtual series includes: Unlocking RelationshipsLeading in a Remote EnvironmentVoice of InfluenceInterviewing Skills,Executive Presence for WomenImpact and Influence for WomenPresenting Made Brilliant, Personal Impact and Stepping up with Confidence for WomenThey take place throughout Winter, Spring and Summer 2021.

All programmes are delivered virtually, yet are designed to help participants improve their confidence and performance in-person, as well as when working remotely. 

Unlocking Relationships, which is a brand new RADA Business programme, has been designed to help managers and leaders adapt their communication style. By having a greater understanding of how to use the voice and body for greater impact, this course gives participants the tools to help build effective working relationships relationships, allowing them to build strong and trust-based relationships with others.

Another brand new programme designed for those who have experience leading a team, Leading in a Remote Environment will equip participants with the skills to effectively lead, inspire and unite teams – even if you are all working remotely or in different locations. 

Voice of Influence is an advanced and technical vocal course designed for people who have experience presenting and are looking to elevate their performance further, enabling them to be a more natural, powerful and influential speaker – whatever the scenario.

Interviewing Skills is the third new virtual programme to launch which teaches participants how to show up, making a positive first impression and ultimately demonstrate their true and authentic self to any interviewer they may come across.

Exclusively designed for senior women, Executive Presence for Women teaches delegates to build on their successes by developing status, resilience and gravitas. Women in business will learn how to extend their communication skills in order to command presence and supreme confidence when communicating in any setting. 

Aimed at women at management level, Impact and Influence for Women focuses on empowering women with the belief, skills and confidence to drive towards the next stage of their career. By examining the power of physicality, voice and language, it reflects on delegates’ current management style and teaches tools and strategies to use these attributes to affect the attitude and behaviours of key stakeholders.

Presenting Made Brilliant focuses on equipping business professionals with the skills to become a more confident public speaker. This course encourages delegates to take risks, push themselves and maximise impact when communicating in highly pressured environments. It takes the focus away from the content that is being presented, and instead focuses on how to present, by helping participants understand how to use their voice to move and inspire others.

Personal Impact is a course that teaches those at every stage of their career to perform with more gravitas and impact through the foundations of human communication – body, breath and voice. Business professionals will gain a greater understanding of how to communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively, leading to stronger and more successful working relationships. 

Stepping up with Confidence for Women is designed for women aspiring to reach management level – to equip them with the skills to release their full potential. 

Jessica Moores, Head of Open Courses at RADA Business, comments:

“It’s fantastic to be able to extend our online offering and equip business professionals with the skills and techniques they need to master the art of communication and workplace performance, whether they’re working remotely or in-person.’’ 

“Our aim is to deepen each participant’s understanding about how to use their body, breath and voice to maximise their communication impact whilst connecting authentically to the audience. During a time where remote working has become the norm, many have had to adjust to this new way of communicating. We are delighted that this suite of virtual programmes enables us to support people, across the world, with such ease.”  

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