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RE-L Network: the Real Estate Education marketplace unveils brand new design and a 440+ courses library

RE-L Network

RE-L Network, the dedicated Real Estate and Property Technology education marketplace, released today a brand new design for its online training platform and a 440+ specialized courses library.

The fully integrated Real Estate training marketplace enables experts to design, market and sell their own online courses and educational content.

The platform User Interface allows a hassle-free and premium learning experience for both professionals and students.

RE-L Network business model puts educators at the centre of its strategy and is based on affordable subscription plans (early bird pricing from $39.99 monthly to $399.99 for the annual plan) giving instructors and trainers the necessary technology infrastructure to host, promote and deliver their online courses.

The instructors all-in-one membership gives access to a full range of exclusive features that enhance training: unlimited students, unlimited courses and content hosting, certificates of achievement, Stripe dashboard to monitor sales, 14-day free trial, cancel anytime, no transaction fees on courses sales among others.   

The company purpose is to facilitate the learning process and enable professionals and students gain new skills and core competencies to remain competitive in an ever-changing industry. Now more than ever, it is a prerequisite for every professional to stay updated with the latest technologies, compliant with evolving regulations and knowledgeable about the market trends. Skills and awareness are now what make professionals stand out in a crowded environment.

RE-L Network educational platform is designed to host audiobooks, ebooks and video courses in the simplest way possible. Live sessions and webinars are arriving soon and will provide an in-depth interaction between trainers and learners.

As a specialized platform, RE-L Network is aimed for all Real Estate professionals (beginners or experienced) and Industry experts willing to share knowledge, insights and making extra revenue. From the basics of Real Estate Finance, Property Law, Interior Design and House Flipping to Property Technology, the platform offers the largest array of topics available in the industry.

The marketplace has now a library of 440+ courses from UK and international top instructors and training providers.

RE-L Network founding team believes education will help the Real Estate industry taking the technology leap forward and close the digital and training gaps.

RE-L Network is shaping the future of Real Estate Education, join us in our journey.

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