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Marine Society & Sea Cadets see increase in users of their education and career support tool during lockdown

The platform Marine Society & Sea Cadets (@SeaCadetsUK) have created was funded through a grant from @UfiTrust who provide funding for innovative uses of technology in vocational education.

The grant was awarded to develop and launch an interactive portal that allows learners to get a clear view on opportunities available to them in the Sea Cadets, and more.

In the first six week of lockdown, the platform had 10,000 jump onboard and to this day, the platform now has 28,000 registered users who are able to access the system whenever they want.

Daniel McAllister, Director of Fundraising and Communications at MSSC said:

“The Sea Cadets Portal is in fact the ‘Sea Cadets Experience‘ in every cadet’s pocket. It gives each cadet control over their journey through cadet life.

This empowerment starts with making sense of learning pathways; giving lots of information for 185 different courses offered to cadets, and extends to career advice along with inside information about our world-class training centres and amazing offshore fleet.

Today there are over 28,000 people registered who are able to instantly access the system whenever they want.

Sea Cadets couldn’t be happier with what this new system will make possible, with this wealth of knowledge and empowerment, our cadets will reach new heights discovering and realising new ambitions.

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