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Race Disparity Audit

Summary findings from the Ethnicity facts and figures website.


Race Disparity Audit

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This report provides an overview of the main findings from the first release of data from the Race Disparity Audit, published in October 2017.

As well as a review of each topic on the Ethnicity Facts and Figures website, the report presents an overview of disparities that have most impact across all aspects of people’s lives.

The report is not updated each year.

Find updates to the data on the Ethnicity Facts and Figures website (including information about new and updated pages).

You can also read updates from the Race Disparity Unit.

This analysis helps to understand and assess differences between ethnic groups, and to identify those public services where disparities are diminishing and those where work is needed to develop effective strategies to reduce disparities between ethnic groups.

Published 10 October 2017
Last updated 11 October 2018 + show all updates

  1. Change to the description of the report on this page to point people to Ethnicity Facts and Figures website for updated findings
  2. Some clarifications on NHS workforce data removed, reverting to text published on 10 October 2017 in paragraphs 2.26 and 10.7 to 10.10, correcting the way we describe NHS Trust boards, and clarifying the coverage of this data.
  3. Revised 12 February: correction to paragraph 2.17 (time period for statutory homelessness data); clarification to paragraphs 2.26 and 10.7 to 10.11 (NHS workforce data)
  4. First published.

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