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Revealing 2024’s Career Trends: What Jobs are Brits Searching For?

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Skills training provider Skills Training Group has conducted a comprehensive research of 280 professions to uncover the most sought-after careers in the UK for 2024. This in-depth research not only illuminates the UK’s job market, but also offers a compelling comparison with global trends. 

Top 20 Most Sought-After Careers in the UK in 2024

RankJobUK Average Monthly Search VolumeGlobal Average Monthly Search Volume
1Teaching assistant jobs1300019000
2Cabin crew jobs1200030000
3Nurse jobs440016000
4Nanny jobs410011000
5Electrician jobs400013000
6Carer jobs37005900
7Estate agent jobs35004300
8Firefighter jobs300014000
9Pharmacist jobs290025000
10Support worker jobs29006400
11Receptionist jobs280012000
12Software engineer jobs270026000
13Operations manager jobs25007800
14Accountant jobs240016000
15Paramedic jobs23007500
16Social worker jobs230012000
17Flight attendant jobs210067000
18Teacher jobs200016000
19Economist jobs19009500
20Phlebotomist jobs190012000

Teaching Assistant Roles Lead the Charge: With 13,000 monthly searches, teaching assistant jobs are at the pinnacle of job searches in the UK. This trend indicates a heightened investment in the education sector and a growing recognition of the critical role support staff plays in academic settings.

Healthcare Professions in High Demand: Nurse jobs, with 16,000 global searches but significant interest in the UK, continue to be a priority. The consistent interest in nursing roles underscores the UK’s commitment to supporting its healthcare system and addressing ongoing public health challenges.

The Growing Appeal of Skilled Trades: Electrician jobs, attracting 4,000 searches monthly, highlight a re-invigoration in skilled trade careers. This shift suggests a growing appreciation for practical skills and hands-on professions in a predominantly digital world.

Caring Professions Gaining Ground: Carer jobs, with 3,700 searches, reflect the increasing importance of social care roles in the UK. This trend is indicative of a society increasingly focused on welfare and support services.

Real Estate Remains a Steady Interest: Estate agent jobs, with 3,500 searches, continue to draw interest, indicative of the UK’s robust real estate market and the allure of careers involving property management and sales.

Emergency Services Showcase Steady Interest: Firefighter jobs, with 3,000 searches, highlight the enduring respect and necessity for emergency service roles in the UK.

Mark McShane, a spokesperson from Skills Training Group comments on the findings:

“These trends are not just numbers; they represent the aspirations and focus areas of the current and upcoming workforce. They serve as a guide for individuals making career choices and for organisations planning their future workforce strategies. As a spokesperson for Skills Training Group, it is encouraging to see such a diverse range of interests, highlighting the varied opportunities available in today’s job market. We aim to continue providing insights and training that align with these emerging trends, ensuring that individuals and businesses are well-equipped to thrive in this ever-changing professional environment.”

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