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SSC chief John McNamara: The Skills Strategy and Employers

John McNamara discusses the Skills Strategy and Employers

Alliance of Sector Skills Councils chief executive, John McNamara, discusses the highly anticipated Skills Strategy, which is looking likely to be announced at next week’s AoC conference.

Learners will have a Lifelong Learning Account, and employers, providers, colleges and awarding bodies will be encouraged to work more closely together, Mr McNamara explains. Welcoming these measures, he reiterates the importance of progression for learners and the government.

Mr McNamara anticipates that the Skills Strategy will engage employers to become more involved in colleges and providers. He reminds readers that not all training involves public funding, particularly when noting the annual spend on training with the Skills Funding Agency is £4 billion and employers spend £38 billlion every year on training their employees. Employers already make a massive contribution to training and developing their staff and, Mr McNamara thinks the Skills Strategy will want to encourage this even more.

Click on the image below to hear what Mr McNamara has to say:

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