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Semi Finalist from Jesmond Dene House Announced by Craft Guild Chef Awards

Semi Finalist from Jesmond Dene House Announced by Craft Guild Chef Awards

The semi-finalists for the 2023 Craft Guild Chef Awards were recently announced, and among them is Brandon William Stokoe of Jesmond Dene House. Stokoe’s exceptional culinary talents have earned him a well-deserved spot as a semi-finalist in these prestigious awards.

The Craft Guild Chef Awards are highly regarded in the culinary industry, and being selected as a semi-finalist is a significant achievement. The awards recognize outstanding chefs and their contributions to the industry by focusing on their skills, creativity, and overall mastery of the culinary arts.

Jesmond Dene House, where Stokoe works, is a luxurious boutique hotel located in Newcastle upon Tyne. The hotel’s restaurant, which features Stokoe’s culinary creations, has received numerous accolades for its exceptional cuisine and service.

Stokoe’s skills and creativity in the kitchen have been honed through years of experience, training, and hard work. His passion for cooking is evident in every dish he creates, and his dedication to his craft is second to none.

As a semi-finalist in the 2022 and 2023 Craft Guild Chef Awards, Stokoe has the opportunity to showcase his skills and compete against some of the best chefs in the industry. Jesmond Dene House, where Stokoe works, is undoubtedly proud of his achievements and looks forward to supporting him as he progresses through the competition.

Brandon William Stokoe’s inclusion as a semi-finalist in the 2023 Craft Guild Chef Awards is a testament to his incredible skills and passion for cooking. Jesmond Dene House is fortunate to have such a talented chef in their midst, and we wish Stokoe all the best as he competes in the semi-finals.

Jesmond Dene House’ Marketing and Events Manager, Christina Stephenson said:

“We’re so incredibly proud of Brandon and his work.  This is such a prestigious award, and to be a semi-finalist is a real honour.  He has our support and backing 100% at Jesmond Dene House and we want to wish him every success.”

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