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Senior professionals of education are earning on average £23,000 more per annum than the average UK salary

New data analysed by RS Components has revealed the best and worst paid jobs across the UK.

Let’s be honest, we’d all love to see an extra zero (or a few) on our payslips, but unfortunately, that’s not very realistic. When it comes to choosing a career or considering a career change, it’s good to have an understanding of the average salary in that particular field.

So, if you fancy a pay rise, RS Components have found which jobs provide more pennies in your pocket by analysing 270 jobs across the UK. The average working Brit earns £29,558 a year, which works out as £569 a week to live off.  However, the data has shown that 55% of jobs are paid under the UK average salary.

With the cost of living going up, due to higher energy bills and a pick-up in the cost of transport, £569 a week doesn’t seem a lot. In 2016-2017, the average monthly payments on a mortgage was £671.23 per month, that only leaves UK residents with £1604.77 to cover the rest of their outgoings.

In the education sector, the data found that roles within teaching and other educational professions earned, on average, £25,692 per year which is just under the UK average.

Nevertheless, senior professionals of education are earning on average £23,000 more per annum than the average UK salary and higher education teaching professionals are earning on average £19,000 more per annum than the average UK salary.

There were 451,900 full time equivalent teachers working in English state schools in 2017. But before you can start earning a teacher salary of around £25,692 you would need to complete a four – six year degree in a relevant subject which could cost you up to £55,500.

But, which jobs are generating the most income?

CEO’s take the top spot, with a whopping £97,038 paycheque each year, which is roughly £67,000 more per year than those earning the average UK salary. Not only that, but CEO’s take home around £82,000 more than the lowest paid jobs of Waiters and Bar Staff.

Medical Practitioners earn around £75,855 per year which puts them in second place in the UK Wage Chart, closely followed by Marketing Sales Directors who receive around £75,126 per year.

We’d all love to be earning these close to six-figure salaries, but in order to make big bucks, you’ve got to put the time and effort in. After all, to become a Medical Practitioner you’ll need a very strong academic profile, not to mention studying for 5 years for a degree.

Coming in as the lowest paid jobs across the UK are Bar Staff, Waiters and Waitresses and Hairdressers and Barbers who all earn around £14,000 per year less than the average UK salary. Although a lot of people take up work in hospitality as their first job, if you’re a money motivated person, this isn’t the right career path for you.

If you don’t know exactly what job you want to pursue, but have an idea of the industry, here is a breakdown of the best sectors to work in based on the findings from the UK Wage Chart,

Jobs within the managing, directors & senior officials sector were towards the top of the UK Wage Chart, with salaries ranging from £24,260 – £97,083. However, jobs within the sector of elementary came towards the bottom of the UK Wage Charge, with average salaries ranging from £15,072 – £29,574.

93% of roles analysed within legal and medical professions were paid over the average UK salary, making this the best choice of sector to earn a good salary in.

So, like many other professions, teaching pays more the higher up you get.

How does your job compare to other jobs in the UK?

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