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SERC showcase technology based learning to Walsall College

SERC recently welcomed representatives from Walsall College to showcase how they are spearheading the use of technology based learning.

Having attended a conference that was delivered by Paula Philpott earlier in the year, Walsall Collage proactively contacted SERC to request mentoring support.

The training was delivered to four representatives from Walsall College. Paula Philpott, Head of the SERC Learning Academy, delivered a presentation sharing the approach that SERC has adopted in building effective peer mentoring and gave a detailed insight into SERC’s Learning Academy.

The training focused on how student learning can be enhanced through a range of pedagogical approaches as well as how digital technology can be incorporated to improve staff communications.

Walsall College representative Jayne Holt said she was “keen for her colleagues to see how SERC has developed technology for teaching, learning and assessment, mentoring and staff development processes.”

SERC welcomed Jatinder Sharma, Principal/Chief Executive, Fazal Dad, Deputy Principal, Delivery and Success, Jayne Holt, Assistant Principal, Learning Services and David Turner Director of Quality and Higher Education.

Feedback from the training has been very positive.

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