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Shortages already hamper firms’ ability to compete and create jobs

Labour market statistics for April 2018 to June 2018 show employment increased by 42,000 and unemployment decreased by 65,000.

Matthew Percival, CBI Head of Employment, said:

“Continuing job creation shows that flexibility in the labour market is a key strength of the UK economy. However, these figures show that the size of the UK workforce is shrinking at the same time as vacancies for skills and labour grow.

“Shortages are already hampering firms’ ability to compete and create jobs, so it’s vital that the UK pursues an open and controlled post-Brexit immigration policy.

“The Government needs to guarantee that EU workers can continue to work even in a ‘no deal’ scenario. And putting migration and mobility on the table when negotiating a new relationship with the EU will help secure the best deal for the UK while ensuring companies can access the people and skills they need to succeed.”


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