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Six careers you could kickstart in Swansea that didn’t exist 20 years ago

With exam season well underway, students across Swansea will undoubtedly be thinking about what comes next, and what their options are post-exams. In the past 20 years, the jobs landscape has changed considerably – here to talk about what some of these new opportunities look like is Mark Jones, Principal at Gower College Swansea.   

Deciding on your future career path is certainly not a decision you need to make overnight and, during exams season, it might not even be your top priority. But with the summer fast approaching and deadlines looming for confirming your next educational step, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t put off thinking about for too long. It’s worth considering the topics you enjoy, subject areas you excel at and any specific skills you have that could be suited to a certain type of career.

It’s also important to look at the employment market and assess where there are likely to be opportunities in the future. And looking at the jobs on offer in today’s world, compared to 20 years ago, is an interesting place to start.

Web Analyst
A web analyst is primarily responsible for analysing data and using this information to make improvements to websites. Some of their duties may include analysing web trends and data, such as audience website behaviours and experiences. Gower College Swansea offers a range of IT courses from A Levels in Computer Science and ICT to vocational diplomas in Information Technology where you can develop your skills in networking, website production and system analysis.  

Sustainability Manager
Sustainability Managers are responsible for ensuring that businesses operate as ethically as possible to minimise negative environmental impacts. They will introduce and maintain sustainable practices within a company, whether it’s creating ‘green’ office spaces or implementing energy saving schemes. In today’s climate, being green is increasingly important to businesses due to a greater understanding of the environmental impact of our daily actions. At Gower College Swansea, you can study for a BTEC Diploma in Environmental Management and Sustainability, which will equip you with the tools needed to help make a positive difference to the environment. The course focuses on topics such as conservation, sustainable transport and communities.

Social Influencer
While it may not be the most traditional career path, online bloggers and influencers can make enormous amounts of money from their social media posts. In addition, influencers are often gifted free clothes, products or even holidays by companies in order to secure a promotional post on their social media pages – platforms that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. We offer a range of art and design-led A Level and vocational courses, which incorporate fashion, graphic communication or photography, so you can set the wheels in motion for very own social media empire. In fact, there is an appetite for all types of influencers from interior designers and fitness gurus to travel bloggers and foodie enthusiasts. So – whatever your passion really – you could turn it to your advantage online!

App Developer
Up until 2008, apps (short for applications) didn’t even exist. Now, in 2019, there is an app for just about anything. The huge volume of apps available is a representation of the size of the industry, meaning it’s a vast provider of jobs and opportunities. If you’re a natural problem solver with a knack for coming up with new concepts, this could be the career for you. To gain suitable experience to excel in this role you could start by studying business at College where you would study strategy, communications and emerging themes in marketing – all crucial knowledge for a future app developer.

Social Media Manager
The first recognisable social media site dates back to 1997, however the most famous platforms came along a little later – Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and Instagram in 2010. Social media now plays a huge part of our daily lives, so much so that most large companies hire social media managers to control their brand’s communication and content across social platforms. Whether it’s the A Level Media Studies or our suite of brand new digital apprenticeships, Gower College Swansea offers courses that help develop understanding of the role social media plays in contemporary culture and society.

Telemedicine Physician
A telemedicine physician takes on a similar role to a regular physician, however they consult patients virtually – either via the web or telephone calls. Several telemedicine services are now available through the NHS and these can range from simple telephone check-ups to sensors that monitor the amount of oxygen in a person’s blood. Gower College Swansea offers a range of health related courses for the students out there with a desire to help others. These include A Levels in Health and Social Care and Biology and a range of vocational courses and apprenticeship pathways in health and social care. These qualifications act as a great stepping stone for those wanting to pursue a career in a health/medical related field.

It’s really important to choose a destination for your next educational step that enables you to pursue your chosen career. At Gower College Swansea, we pride ourselves on the variety of choice we offer students, particularly with regards to the number of subject areas available as an A Level or vocational qualification. We also have a strong focus on progression and how courses can help benefit students when it comes to securing a job in the real world, and we have solid pathways that can help students make the leap from college to university or the workplace.

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