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Sky’s the limit as SERC student takes off as an Emirates flight attendant

Former SERC Travel and Tourism student Lindsay Bothwell is now soaring the skies as she works with world-renowned airline, Emirates having previously progressed through the Level 2 and Level 3 Travel and Tourism courses at the Lisburn Campus.  

Belfast native Lindsay came to SERC at 16 before leaving at 19. She was proactive in exploring what area of the travel and tourism industry that she would like to work in, but it was on the back of a successful work placement at Belfast City Airport in which Lindsay was guided by her lecturers Rachel Suitor and Diane Quinn, that fuelled a passion to work specifically within the airline industry.  

Rachel reflected on her time at SERC, saying, “At SERC I got a sound knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism industry and that opens up many options for you to explore. We covered areas such as marketing in travel and tourism, hospitality and operations in travel and tourism and I enjoyed every moment.”

She continued, “I remember feeling confident to speak out in class with anything I asked never being too much trouble. The tutors really guided and supported us all and without them I personally wouldn’t have secured such an amazing job.” After leaving SERC, Lindsay was offered two jobs, eventually opting to jump on board with Emirates. Lindsay encourages others to begin the journey of securing their dream job by enrolling at SERC as a first option.  

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