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Spring into Deloitte: With over 1,000 work experience places in 2024

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More undergraduates will benefit from Deloitte’s three work experience programmes in 2024. The ‘Spring into Deloitte‘ internship programme, the Summer Vacation Scheme and the Industrial Placement programmes will now provide over 1,000 opportunities for students to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in the world of professional services.

Spring into Deloitte

Deloitte has doubled the size of its Spring into Deloitte programme for undergraduates who are in the first and second years of study. The programme, now in its tenth year, will welcome 400 people in March and April 2024. The two-day introductory course is open to students from across the UK, with virtual and in-person events in London and Birmingham. Students will learn about the firm and a career in professional services, and take part in business games, skills sessions, and debates.

Those who complete Spring into Deloitte could be offered a further opportunity on the Summer Vacation Scheme in their penultimate year. This in turn increases the number of people offered another opportunity in 2024.

Summer Vacation Scheme and Industrial Placement

Nearly 500 opportunities are also now open for undergraduate students in their penultimate year of study to apply for Deloitte’s four to six-week Summer Vacation Scheme. Students will get hands-on experience working with clients and projects through a structured programme of learning, and potentially gain a place on Deloitte’s graduate programme.

Places are also open to over 100 students who are required to complete a work experience placement as part of their university degree on Deloitte’s 12-month Industrial Placement programme. Students will train and work alongside the firm’s first-year graduate intake.

Greater focus on university and school in-person events

Since the beginning of the new university term in September, Deloitte has attended nearly 100 in-person events, including over 70 university events, to attract a wider, more diverse pool of talent from schools and universities across the UK.

Jackie Henry, managing partner for people and purpose at Deloitte, said:

“The break over Christmas is a good time to think ahead and plan for the coming year. Deloitte’s work experience programmes are designed to help young people explore their options when considering a future career. They can learn more about the business and what we do, and even start building their network and develop some valuable career skills. With even more places available, I am delighted that even more young people will have a chance to take part.”

Digital support

As part of the increased support for young talent, Deloitte recently launched two new websites to help students find out more about a career at Deloitte and top tips for the assessment process;

  • Discover Your Path is a website that helps students evaluate and explore business areas at Deloitte and what opportunities are available. Candidates will make an informed choice about their applications and find out how their personal preferences align with the firm’s values. 
  • Candidate Preparation Zone is a dedicated website offering information, assessment practice and support to candidates applying for an early career role.

Jackie Henry concluded:

“We want every candidate to be at their best and set them up for success in the assessment process. It’s a great chance to share skills that will help them in their application to Deloitte and help level the playing field.  I encourage students curious about a career at Deloitte to explore the Candidate Preparation Zone and Discover Your Path, these free tools will help all students decide on the right path for them.”

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