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The Association of Apprentices launches new website empowering and connecting apprentices across the UK

The Association of Apprentices (@AssocApprentice) has launched its new website with two brand new features set to transform the apprentice experience. These new features: AoA Connect and AoA Learn, have been designed to provide apprentices with ongoing peer support, learning tools and opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Designed in collaboration with the AoA’s Apprentice Council, the website has been redesigned in response to apprentices’ feedback calling for more access to peer support. AoA Connect is an exclusive social network enabling members to tap into a community of fellow apprentices where they can gain vital access to support from like-minded individuals. Members can join specific groups to connect with other apprentices based on their region, industry, or interest. AoA Connect also gives members access to specially curated content, events and targeted industry news, all designed to keep them informed and engaged.

The website’s new features aim to address challenges flagged by apprentices regarding access to quality content and guidance for their professional growth and development. The AoA Learn platform is designed to empower apprentices by offering interactive tools, e-learning and development opportunities that will aid their progression during, and beyond their training. The AoA developed this platform to equip apprentices with the knowledge and life-long skills needed to navigate our rapidly changing world so that they can confidently move forward in their careers.

Sir Peter Estlin, Association of Apprentices Chair, said:

“Great to see the launch of the AoA’s new website and features; AoA Connect and AoA Learn.  Thanks to all those apprentices who have helped make this happen, to those apprentices now connecting with one another and to the AoA team supporting this behind the scenes.  It’s a real privilege to be part of the Apprentices community”.

Current and recently completed apprentices looking to join the AoA can do so for free via the Association’s website –

The AoA is also designed to support organisations involved in apprenticeships to ensure the best possible outcomes for their apprentices. Corporate membership is also available, and organisations can contact the Association directly via its website to find out more”.

Joel Roach, Chair of the Association’s Council, said:

“It’s incredibly energising to see the Association of Apprentices moving into this next stage of its existence. At the core of this new offering is the feedback and guidance of the apprentices, employers, and training providers we’ve worked with over the past months to ensure the Association of Apprentices is delivering on its mission to support the UK’s talented community of apprentices to be their best.

For me, both new offerings, AoA Connect and AoA Learn are fuelled by potential. AoA Learn embraces the potential of the individual, empowering apprentices to navigate their careers and grow their skills in the most impactful ways to ensure their apprenticeship is the springboard to success that we know it can be. AoA Connect is all about the potential of community, enabling connections across organisations, apprenticeship programs, geographies, and experiences to enhance the apprenticeship experience and create a supportive, collaborative community.

I can’t wait see how apprentices will engage.”

About the Association of Apprentices

The AoA was created in an effort to help boost the number of work-based trainees staying on and completing their course. It is a membership service created for apprentices, by apprentices. It is led by a Council made up of current and recently completed apprentices who ensure the service meets the evolving needs of its members.

The new support network for apprentices was founded by former Lord Mayor of the City of London Sir Peter Estlin, the government’s apprenticeship ambassador Jason Holt, and co-founder of venture builder Blenheim Chalcot, Charles Mindenhall, in late 2019.

It gives apprentices access to information, advice and guidance about their programme, as well as putting on social events for apprentices to network.

Association of Apprentices’ Mission Statement

We’re here to support the UK’s hugely talented community of almost one million apprentices be their best. We’re not just for apprentices, our work is also led by apprentices.

We provide the social and broader elements often missing from apprenticeship programmes, with access to advice and guidance which supports life-long career development, and a lifetime of professional networks.

Come together with apprentices past and present to support each other. It’s your association.

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