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The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and Youth Employment UK join forces in a formidable partnership.

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and Youth Employment UK join forces in a formidable partnership.

Youth Employment UK collaborates with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance to empower Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Social Mobility in apprenticeships and employability.

Youth Employment UK has announced its groundbreaking partnership with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance (powered by Pathway Group) in a move poised to revolutionise apprenticeship and employment opportunities, empowering a diverse generation of young talent across the country.

Youth Employment UK, a leading organisation dedicated to equipping young people with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern workforce, is delighted to join hands with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is a pioneering initiative committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the apprenticeship and employability landscape by engaging with a wide array of individuals from multicultural backgrounds, cultures, and communities.

This partnership signals a significant milestone in progression towards an inclusive, representative workforce that mirrors the  multicultural fabric of the UK. Combining organisational  expertise and resources, this partnership will work to create a more level playing field for young individuals from all walks of life, enabling them to access high-quality apprenticeship opportunities irrespective of their background.

“Empowering the youth and embracing diversity are not merely buzzwords; they are principles that underpin the success of our society. Our collaboration with Youth Employment UK an organisation that is making so munch positive impact to youth unemployment and underrepresented communities underscores our commitment to nurturing talent that is reflective of our multicultural society,” said Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance aims to address the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities within apprenticeships, a critical issue which this partnership will tackle head-on. By leveraging their collective influence, both organisations will work together to raise awareness, provide mentorship, and advocate for policies that create an inclusive environment for young people entering the apprenticeship and employment market.

“We are excited to welcome Youth Employment UK as a partner to the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. Their dedication to youth development and expertise in developing meaningful connections between young job seekers, employers and Government aligns perfectly with our mission and vision. This will continue the upward trajectory and impact of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance ” said Safaraz Ali, CEO and Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

The collaboration will entail joint initiatives such as developing programmes, and sharing best practice, workshops, webinars, and resources aimed at bridging the gap between young talent and prospective employers. Collectively pooling their networks, knowledge, and innovative ideas, both organisations are poised to drive substantial change and create opportunities that enrich the lives of under-represented individuals while contributing to a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO of Youth Employment UK, said of  the partnership:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. It  is time to shift the dial on youth employment, and it is through partnership working where the greatest change will come. Our values align so much as we drive together to support organisations to be great employers for young people. We will be utilising the skills and expertise of the team to create even more content for our Members who are championing Good Youth Employment Standards.”

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