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The Myers-Briggs Company appoints Giunti Psychometrics as Italian Distributor

@TheMyersBriggs Company, a Certified B Corporation®, announced that its newest distributor, @GiuntiPsy’chometrics, will begin offering MBTI certification programmes and selling MBTI products in Italy in June. 

“We’re thrilled to add our know-how to helping people lead more successful and fulfilling lives through self-awareness and the use of psychometric tools,” said José Sales Grade, CEO of Giunti Psychometrics. 

“By offering MBTI® certification programmes in people’s native Italian language, we’ll further our mission of helping people understand themselves and those around them on a deeper level without getting lost in translation.”  

The new partnership will strengthen The Myers-Briggs Company’s position in Southern Europe and increase the Giunti Psychometrics offering by adding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment to their portfolio.   

“With the combined expertise in psychometrics, certification, marketing and consultancy, we’re going to be able to serve our clients better,” said Grade.   

Giunti Psychometrics provides opportunities for people in Italy to receive authorized training and certifications based on authentic, verified, and scientifically validated psychometric assessments.  

“Your results from valid psychometric assessments have an incredible power to aid understanding, bring together teams, solve communication issues and change your life for the better,” says Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company.

“We’re thrilled that our newest partnership can continue to offer this type of development in Italy.” 

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