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The startup that is shaping the future of real estate education

RE-L Network, the live coaching and events startup is on a mission to build the world’s leading self-development platform for the Real Estate industry. 

The Future of Work is about constant learning, upskilling it is now key for career success. RE-L Network is about strengthen soft skills, gain knowledge from the best, and take professional growth to the next level.

Being at the cornerstone of the global economy as one of the biggest asset class makes real estate special and pivotal in everybody’s lives. Real estate provides jobs, promotes health and well-being, stimulates investments and so on. The importance of real estate education is undeniable whether you’re a professional evolving in real estate and built environment industries, a student or even an aspirant home-buyer. The fact is real estate governs so many aspects of our everyday’s lives that we cannot ignore the impact on our societies, economies and lifestyle.

This is even more true since the pandemic outbreak and the challenges the industry had to face with. While the sector has demonstrated its innovation in bringing technology to another level, resulting in noticeable shifts in the workspace, in the retail process or just how we used to buy and sell real estate e.g digital viewings, digital contracts to name a few. Real estate also revealed some of its weaknesses in answering a major global downturn.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the real estate industry, especially the assets closed to prevent the spread of the illness: offices, hotels, restaurants, malls suffered from the lockdown measures causing a global turnmoil that many experts believe the business will have to re-invent itself to get back to pre-pandemic levels. On the contrary, the residential sector has shown resilience and unexpected growth, helped by low mortgage rates and a buyer’s appetite for new living aspirations. The successive lockdowns and remote working requirements have changed people’s relationship with property in general. The consequence is that more and more people are looking for spacious homes to improve their health, hygiene and safety. A garden, a bigger kitchen, a home-gym or a home office are now on the buyers top list.

Real estate and built environment are and will remain essential, by their nature: our modern lifestyle depends largely on the quality and efficiency of the assets we use to live in, work, entertain and consume. This is even more true today with the challenges that will shape the future of real estate: upcoming environmental and sustainability issues, social impact with population growth, functional design and adaptability to match consumer and workers needs. Add to that, the ever-evolving regulations and new technologies forcing businesses and workforce to adapt.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of real estate mastery have never been more important. Basically, anyone in its lifetime will need to be educated or knowledgeable about real estate. Renting an apartment, buying a home, calculating a mortgage or property taxes, designing a kitchen, flipping a home…require basic know-how. This is even more true for real estate professionals: their jobs and careers depends on their expertise. Being able to give the right advice, staying compliant, adapting to technology trends, developing good practices and ethics, assimilating sales skills…All of this require a solid foundation where real estate education is the pillar. That’s the reason why the most successful professionals are also the most knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. Developing in-demand skills are the key to clients trust, especially when it comes to life-changing decisions.

Learning real estate is an everyday process. With the advent of online education, we are better able to meet the needs of professionals in terms of training and coaching. This is the raison d’être of RE-L Network, the real estate live training and events platform: a dedicated place for industry professionals and students to learn in-demand skills, advance their career and accomplish their professional and personal development. And something unheard of in the sector, RE-L Network offers the opportunity to the best educators, entrepreneurs, creators and coaches to share their talent online. 

At RE-L Network, we believe the future of real estate education is about building relationships and communities between educators and their learners. Students, new comers and professionals are eager to learn, grow their career and feel considered. RE-L Network facilitates the learning process with an intuitive user experience, coaching sessions and live professional events. Live training events and coaching programs are now easier to create with a 360-degree marketplace. RE-L Network also introduced the first all-in-one instructor free plan for real estate sharing expertise because we believe in the power of giving back.

Experts can now deliver flexible courses in various formats, fulfill customer on-demand learnings, provide live support, create events…RE-L Network is bringing the best of education technology to the real estate industry with innovation and one purpose: facilitating the transmission of knowledge, improving industry standards, helping people become their best self. 

Real estate education does not stop after graduating, when getting that long awaited job or starting your dreams business venture: its a lifelong process demanding time and dedication. Its important to focus both on hard skills and soft skills for a thriving career. Most of people tend to prioritise hard skills as an automatism. As the sum of the technical knowledge gained through a career or education, hard skills help us ”do the job”. But to accomplish more and stand out from the crowd, soft skills must be developed. What makes a real estate professional successful is the combination of personal habits and traits that shape the way how to work individually or as part of a team.

Soft skills in the workplace are now a prerequisite. They are the new standard for human resources managers and businesses. Soft skills are the key to new opportunities in a post-pandemic job market: communication, time management, negotiation, empathy, team work, adaptability, public speaking, leadership… These are the new core skills to master in a customer-centric era. To be successful, you need more than just expertise in your given specialty. At RE-L Network, we are fully aware of this new trends, so we decided to focus from the ground-up on a dedicated training platform with self-improvement in mind. RE-L Network is striving hard to address these challenges.

By bringing all the knowledge needed in one place, we are enabling professionals and students to learn and connect with the best, anytime, anywhere. What sets RE-L Network apart from the competition is the will to solve the skill gap and make real estate education more accessible, inclusive and impactful. Our exclusive plans offer experts the tools to share their talent, build and grow a community online. RE-L Network helps creators scale their business online, deliver live training events, personalised coaching programs and more…We pride ourselves in democratising education and give the chance to acquire the most in-demand skills that make a difference in a career and a platform where anyone can flourish professionally. The unique offer of RE-L Network places it as the benchmark learning platform in the real estate sector.

At RE-L Network, we cannot wait to see the impact educators and creators will make on the real estate industry and people’s lives.

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