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TISAX® qualification validates Degreed’s mature information security processes

Degreed, the learning platform relied on by millions of employees, recently announced that it has received the TISAX® certification validating that its Learning Experience Platform meets the stringent cybersecurity standards required by the European automotive industry.The certification makes Degreed one of the few learning providers to have passed the extensive assessment criteria. 

Meeting information security requirements

The TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification is a key requirement vendors must accomplish in order to do business with European automotive organizations . 

Nag Chandrashekar, Chief Product Officer at Degreed explained:

“Automotive manufacturers have a critical need to upskill and prepare their workers for emerging innovations such as EVs, automation, robotics and more, while complying with information security requirements. Pursuing the TISAX® qualification enables Degreed to support automotive companies by putting learning at the center of solving their critical business challenges.”

Rigorous assessment 

The rigorous assessment process required to obtain TISAX® qualification indicates that Degreed has an established information security program with processes integrated across its entire system. The TISAX® qualification requires that processes are used sustainably and actively over an extended period, signaling the maturity of Degreed’s established cybersecurity processes.

Maturity at the core

The assessment included an evidentiary based on-site audit carried out by an independent and certified TISAX audit provider. It was a two-year long comprehensive process, which included key aspects and criteria of the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard with additional criteria specific to the automotive sector. The process is designed to validate that Degreed’s policies, standards, and procedures are aligned with ISO 27001 standards. 

Girish Manwani, Chief Technology Officer at Degreed said:

“From a security standpoint, Degreed has proven once again that it is a trusted partner to its clients with its clear dedication to the cybersecurity of its platform and its clients’ data. A unique focus of the TISAX® qualification is the maturity requirement, which shows ongoing dedication to improving cybersecurity at Degreed. This gives our clients confidence that we are committed to being on top of emerging trends and continuously working to be the best partner from a data protection perspective.”

To learn more about Degreed’s information security program, click here.

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