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Transforming safeguarding in education – what needs to change (and why)


“As a survivor…this is more than an important book: it is a manual for saving lives.” Alex Renton, author of Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes and the Schooling of a Ruling Class

The safeguarding and child protection challenges in education have never been more complex, nor the legal duties on schools and colleges more stringent.

The criminal and sexual exploitation of children, FGM, radicalisation and online safety are sadly all now part of the remit, as are self-harm and mental health issues. And these safeguarding challenges are found not only in urban communities, but also in leafy suburbs and rural idylls throughout the UK. The responsibility on safeguarding leads in schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts is huge, and Covid-19 (and its inevitable after-effects) has only added to the complexity.

Written from the unique perspective of a former Chief Constable and Multi-Academy Trust director and a former police child protection officer and chair of school governors, Lessons Will Be Learned sets out how you can transform your safeguarding arrangements, with a strategic framework that will help you and your governing body or MAT board to develop and implement outstanding practice across your whole organisation. 

It is based on an 8-point strategic safeguarding model that will enable you to anticipate potential problems, deal with concerns more effectively, and build a robust safeguarding culture that is underpinned by a strong network of support, both internally and externally. Ultimately, this approach will support safeguarding leads in their vital role of protecting children; enable senior leaders, governors and trustees to provide appropriate leadership and support for safeguarding; help to improve the effectiveness of multi-agency working; and support educators in their vital work of preparing learners for life.

“This book lives up to its title of transforming safeguarding in education.” Eileen Munro, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics and author of The Munro Review of Child Protection

Martin Baker is the CEO of One Team Logic, the makers of the secure safeguarding software MyConcern®. A former Chief Constable whose career spanned five UK police forces, including significant spells in counter-terrorism, safeguarding and child protection, he is an experienced school governor and is currently a director of a multi-academy trust.

Mike Glanville is the Chief Safeguarding Officer at One Team Logic. A former police child protection officer, Mike later served as an Assistant Chief Constable and had force-wide responsibility for all adult and child safeguarding. He is also an experienced school governor and has been a Chair of Governors for over 10 years.

Lessons Will Be Learned is published by Practical Inspiration Publishing.

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