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Twice As Hard: Navigating Black Stereotypes and Creating Space for Success

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Twice As Hard is an exploration of Black identity in the workplace as well as a blueprint for success, written by entrepreneurial husband and wife @RaphaelSofoluke and @opeyemisofoluke. Industry leaders including @MathewKnowles, @DJTrevorNelson, @CharleneWhite and @munyachawawa share their insights to inspire and empower other professionals.

Raphael and Opeyemi’s debut book exposes the obstacles that limit opportunity for Black professional progress, how to challenge racial stereotypes, be productive, find purpose and ultimately design a successful career. 

Raphael Sofoluke is an entrepreneur and the founder of the UK Black Business Show, an annual exhibition which highlights and promotes some of the amazing businesses founded by members of the Black community, and the Black Tech Achievement Awards. Opeyemi Sofoluke is the Lead Regional Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Program Manager at one of the top 4 tech companies in the world, serving as the lead interface for the Employee Resource Groups to guide their impact on programs that build a more inclusive workplace.

Both authors have experienced first-hand what it is to be Black in the working world, and the adversities and prejudices that many can be faced with. However, they also know how to take those struggles and turn them into success. This book shines a light on the hurdles and difficulties that Black people have to overcome in both their careers and their personal lives, and reveals some powerful and practical steps for success.  

While the world endeavours to become more inclusive, and businesses strive to eradicate discrimination in the workplace, there are still societal stereotypes that can hinder the progression of Black professionals. In Twice As Hard, Opeyemi and Raphael explore their own personal brand of ethics, challenges and insights and invite other contributors to share their experiences and the practical measures taken to realise their goals too.   

The contributors of this book shed light on discrimination in the workplace at an individual level, but also showcase success in the face of adversity as they share their personal experiences. Industry leaders including Mathew Knowles, Trevor Nelson MBE, Charlene White and Munya Chawawa share their insights to inspire and empower other professionals. Through shared experience, Twice As Hard highlights the positive progress made in recent years, and equips individuals and businesses with the tools they need to enable further advancement of Black workers. 

Whether you are a member of the Black community starting out or working in the corporate world, or an ally looking for practical and honest advice, this book will empower, inspire, and educate readers. Twice As Hard will get everyone thinking and talking about their attitude and actions, and will continue the fight for a more equal and truly inclusive, understanding society.  

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