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Two-thirds of London businesses are not willing to offer work placements to T Level students

New polling shows London business doubt about T-Levels

Ahead of their introduction into the workplace in 2020, new polling has shown that two thirds (63%) of London business decision makers say that they would not be willing to offer paid or unpaid placements or work to a T-Level student or graduate. 

T-Levels are a new two-year technical programme for young people aged 16 to 19, which will combine classroom study with workplace experience. 

They are intended to be the vocational equivalent of A-levels.  But polling carried out by ComRes on behalf of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has highlighted there is significant work to do ahead of their introduction to convince employers of their merits.

David Frost, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“We very much support the introduction of T-levels next year as a genuine alternative vocational qualification to A-Levels.  But our polling suggests that most businesses are unaware of T-levels or doubtful about their value to their company.  The Government will need to run a significant communications campaign to boost awareness if T-levels are to be a success.”

ComRes interviewed 503 London business decision makers online between May 10 and June 11. 

When asked which of the following their business would be willing to do:

  • 19% said ‘offer an unpaid placement to a T-Level student.’ 
  • 18% said ‘hire someone who has completed T-Levels as an employee.’ 
  • 14% said ‘offer a paid placement to a T-Level student.’
  • 14% said ‘offer unpaid placements or work to someone who has completed T-Levels.’
  • 63% said ‘none of the above.’

When asked which of the following would make them more likely to offer a job / placement to a T-Level student or graduate:

  • 32% said ‘financial assistance’.
  • 28% said ‘if the student or graduate had been trained in an area where my business has skills shortages’.
  • 25% said ‘more information about T-Levels’.
  • 3% said ‘other’.
  • 45% said ‘none of the above’.

Data were weighted to be representative of all London businesses by company size and broad industry sector.


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