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Ufi Ventures Invests In Soft Skills Training Company

Ufi Ventures
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London-based soft skills training platform BODYSWAPS (@BODYSWAPS_VR) has secured a £150,000 investment from @UfiVentures to continue developing its immersive learning modules and tools. Alongside funding from Ufi Ventures, which invests in early-stage companies developing vocational technologies, BODYSWAPS has also secured investment from Haatch Ventures and DMoonshot.

BODYSWAPS is developing a virtual reality learning platform and content library offered as a service to businesses that uses VR and AI to provide soft skills training similar in performance to expert coaching and role-playing, but close to the cost and scalability of eLearning. The platform empowers learners to safely practice their soft skills and measure their progress through a library of VR roleplay simulations.

Through its award-winning work with clients such as Save the Children, Sage Publishing or US-based vocational rehabilitation agency Viability, BODYSWAPS has demonstrated that organisations of all sizes can boost and scale their training programmes with affordable learning experiences far more effectively and impactfully than with current modalities.

Speaking of the recent investment, Joe Ludlow from Ufi Ventures said:

“The UK needs to radically improve access to high-quality essential skills training as it seeks to rebuild the labour market after Covid-19 and being able to offer effective behavioural training digitally is becoming critical.

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“BODYSWAPS are providing high-quality, effective, soft skills training through multiple digital delivery channels and we’re really pleased to be working with the team as they continue to transform the soft skills training market.”

Christophe Mallet, BODYSWAPS’ CEO added:

“We’re living a pivotal moment for the L&D industry and with Ufi’s support, we have the opportunity to build the future of what it means to learn, to give everyone a chance to unlock their full potential and make the workplace more humane.”

Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

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