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There has never been a more pertinent time to ensure that apprenticeship and other training programmes cater for the needs of all individual learners.

Current Ofsted inspections focus strongly on the progress of the provider’s students and apprentices enrolled at the time of the inspection. Apprenticeships are one of the main areas that we have recognised as needing ongoing support for these inspections.

Receiving an inadequate-overall Ofsted verdict can prompt the Skills Funding Agency to terminate contracts.

With more and more young people, and adults, declaring they have additional learning needs, or the needs being identified, the support given to these learners may well be critical to inspection outcomes, and to their success and future careers.

We were delighted that during a recent Ofsted inspection, inspectors identified that CognAssist is successfully supporting learners with additional learning needs. It was also reported that CognAssist helps providers to identify learners with hidden learning needs, who may have previously struggled to progress and complete their qualification.

Learning Skills Partnership’s June 2017 report highlights that “Managers have introduced recently a robust system to identify support needs, which has highlighted that more apprentices require support than previously identified. Reports generated by the system show that current apprentices are using the resources available.”

On their recent “Moving Forward” report Ofsted explained that many young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are poorly prepared for adult life.  Nearly 50% of the providers visited did not have adequate strategies, experience or expertise to support their learners with learning difficulties or disabilities. Ofsted go on to explain that this is leading to too many learners on programmes not progressing into further learning, employment or independent/supported living.

Approximately 20% of all learners have an unmet learning need; CognAssist is pioneering technology which will support such learners.  We would like to show organisations how assessing the eight cognitive processes of the brain (called domains) can improve Apprenticeships through better quality of support for learners with additional learning needs.

CognAssist is the sector’s most sophisticated digital assessment tool that can identify neurodiversity in under 30 minutes. After assessment, we provide tailored learning strategies which consist of personalised content, coping strategies and freeware solutions for neurodiverse learners as well as support for training assessors in adapting their delivery.

The evidence which CognAssist provides supports the drawdown of LSF1, which is £150 per learner, per month. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your organisation and learners please get in touch with our Sales Executive Leah Grimshaw at [email protected] or on 07766916221.

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