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WISE 11 Summit 2023: Pioneering the Future of Education in the Age of AI


In a groundbreaking move to shape the future of education in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is gearing up for its 11th edition, scheduled for November 28-29, 2023, at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) in Doha, Qatar.

Recognizing the transformative influence of AI in our daily lives, the upcoming WISE 11 Summit themed “Creative Fluency: Human Flourishing in the Age of AI” is set to bring together a diverse cohort of educators, tech innovators, AI ethicists, policymakers, and students. The overarching objective is to engage in dialogues that explore how AI will not only shape the future of education but also contribute to the thriving coexistence of humans alongside AI.

Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO of WISE, emphasizes the pivotal role of AI in education at a time when it dominates global conversations. The summit, he states, provides a collaborative platform for policymakers, educators, and innovators to envision how AI can enhance the learning experience and empower individuals. This vision aligns seamlessly with Qatar Foundation’s mission to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and creativity in the age of AI.

The 11th edition of WISE promises an array of engaging activities and discussions that tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education. In addition to traditional components such as panel discussions, masterclasses, and policy roundtables, this year’s summit will introduce innovative classroom sessions and immersive AI experiences. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to engage with the latest AI technologies. Networking zones, interactive lounges, and social events will provide a platform for meaningful connections.

Over 100 thought leaders, education innovators, and youth leaders from around the world are set to convene, contributing their perspectives on the theme of ‘Creative Fluency: Human Flourishing in the Age of AI’, and delving into ethical and socio-economic concerns surrounding AI in education. WISE 11 aims to explore how AI aligns with local values while integrating global advancements, ensuring learners are equipped with skills for a dynamic job landscape. 

The summit will feature six thematic tracks that include discussions on the future of classrooms, digital sovereignty, ethical AI, higher education in an AI-driven world, equity and access, and systemic transformations. Renowned speakers include His Excellency Sayasat Nurbek, Luis Benveniste, Conrad Wolfram, and a lineup of distinguished educators providing diverse insights into the impact of AI on learning ecosystems.

Notably, WISE 11 will showcase the contributions of young trailblazers in AI-centric solutions, including Kian Katanforoosh, Pelonomi Moiloa, and Zubair Junjunia. Their involvement underscores the potential of AI to drive innovation in education.

The opening plenary of WISE 11 will feature keynote addresses by Nina Schick, one of the first GenAI experts and founder of Tamang Ventures Limited, and Aidan White, an international media specialist in human rights and media policy, as well as the founder of Ethical Journalism Network. The closing plenary on day two will feature Her Excellency Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, Qatar’s Minister of Education and Higher Education.

The WISE Prize for Education, a global distinction recognizing outstanding contributions to education, will reveal its laureate for 2023 during the opening session. Additionally, six innovative WISE Awards winning projects will be celebrated on day one of the summit.

In alignment with its commitment to ensuring equal access to education for all children and youth, Education Above All (EAA) Foundation is the official strategic partner of WISE 11.

As the countdown to WISE 11 continues, the global education community eagerly anticipates the dynamic discussions and insights that will emanate from this influential summit. The stage is set for WISE to catalyze transformative thinking, debate, and purposeful action in education, paving the way for a future where AI enhances the learning experience and empowers individuals on a global scale.

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