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Wyvern Business Systems, getting behind International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter

Wyvern Business Systems are proud to be celebrating women in the workplace this International Women’s Day and promoting the fantastic work that the women in our office carry out.

This year’s theme is promoting a balanced world as a better world by raising awareness against bias and celebrating women’s achievements.

One female staff member in particular that we want to celebrate is our very own Sophie Stubbs.

Sophie started working for Wyvern Business Systems Ltd 4 years ago at the tender age of just 21. Her first position as a technical support apprentice for software and hardware problems came with great responsibility as all our students have a disability and this along with some very specialist software creates its own difficulties.

As the saying goes the cream rises to the top and very quickly Sophie was, believe it or not looking after sometimes 4 students at the same time. She was not only able to match the far more experienced engineers but at times showing them how things could be done more efficiently and progressing on to technical support supervisor.

Along with her excellent work ethic Sophie has a great manner on and off the phone and after a short time was showing potential management skills.

The CEO of Wyvern, Dave Atkinson explained “I kept my eye on her progress and around 18 months ago a position came up that I thought would be perfect for Sophie.

It was the Managers position for our “Technical and Software Development Department” at our head office in Hereford. In those 18 months Sophie has completely turned the department around and is going from strength to strength.

I personally have very high hopes for Sophie, our “Project and Development Manager”, and I am going to enjoy watching her progress over the next few years. She is a great ambassador to ladies everywhere and I feel lucky to have her working for me and not ‘Lord Alan Sugar’.

We have a great team of ladies here at Wyvern, who are all a vital part of our growing business and key in driving our innovations forward.

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