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Online learning at Cambridge Regional College increased my confidence

Paul Powers started looking for adult learning opportunities when the chance of promotion arose at work. Upon researching learning opportunities, Paul discovered the free Level 2 online courses being offered at Cambridge Regional College and subsequently signed up the TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading. 

We caught up with Paul to find out more about his online learning experience;

“I work full-time so needed a study option that would give me some flexibility. The course duration and option to study at my own pace suited my circumstances. The fact that the course was funded is fantastic.”

“I found the delivery of the course very intuitive and useful. The pace was challenging initially with an assignment to complete each week. I did manage to keep up though and over Easter I raced ahead and completed multiple units in a couple of days. Consequently, I finished the course a few weeks ahead of schedule.” 

“The course covers a wide range of topics in a good amount of detail at a level that is easy to understand. I have learned so much from my time on this course such as prioritising workloads and how to be confident and assertive as a manager. I also learned some good techniques for communicating with my colleagues that I have already put into practice.”

“The thing that I really enjoyed about online learning was being able to get on with the course in my own time. I didn’t feel restricted or held back in any way and the tutors also marked my work very quickly. This meant that I was able to complete multiple units in a short space of time as the feedback I received was timely and useful. This enabled me to quickly adapt my methods, structure and writing style to make any changes required whilst my mind was in study-mode.”

“The feedback system was encouraging and informative. I took an initial assessment at the beginning of the course and by the end it was clear from my tutor feedback that I had made excellent progress. I now feel that I am a more confident professional.”

“I would recommend the course to other people of all ages and backgrounds. I think that it is not only valuable to people who wish to become managers, but also for those who are already in management roles. I also believe that this course would be valuable for those people who may be entering the workplace for the first time, such as school and college leavers, as this will give them an insight into the challenges that their managers will be facing and it will help them to understand business cultures that they may not already be familiar with.”

“I have already made an application to be a student on the TQUK Level 2 Digital Marketing course at Cambridge Regional College. Overall, this has been an excellent experience for me, and I have truly enjoyed it. I highly recommend that, if you are considering a new career or have an interest in a topic, you explore online learning at CRC. Take the leap and apply today.”

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