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Pfizer helps kids keep up with science as new online teaching resources launched

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   @pfizer helps #homeschool kids and parents with new online teaching resource

Pfizer UK is releasing a series of online educational materials to equip parents and teachers to continue STEM learning from home, as schools remain closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

An independent survey of 1500 UK adults with school-aged children, conducted by the Sutton Trust, found that only two in five parents feel confident teaching their children at home. To support during lockdown, Pfizer has taken action to help parents struggling with home learning and ensure children across the country continue to be engaged by science.

Julian Thompson, Vice President, Global Regulatory Operations and Pfizer’s Sandwich Site Head: “I know a lot of parents might not feel confident teaching science at home, but it really is a fun subject and there are lots of things you can do with your kids to explore it. I hope these online materials stop people feeling daunted to tackle it at home.”

The curriculum linked materials for 5-14 year olds have been adapted for online use and consist of two highly topical themes: ‘Superbugs: Join The Fight’, developed in partnership with The National Schools Partnership, and ‘Science in a Box’.

The ‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ resources include e-learning modules and virtual activities. They outline practical ways to prevent the spread of infection and introduce concepts such as the inappropriate use and misuse of antibiotics and the role of vaccines in preventing disease.

The ‘Science in a Box’ materials aim to demystify the making of a medicine. It invites students to learn about medicine development using engaging on-line content. The resource packs can be accessed for free from

Alyson Parry, Teacher at Trerobart Primary School said of the “Superbugs: Join the Fight’ classroom resources: “This is one of the…easiest resources I’ve ever used. It is to the point, it gets the message across and the children enjoy it too.”

Peter Collins, Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, Pfizer UK: “For years, tens of thousands of children across the UK have benefitted from Pfizer’s classroom-based science programmes. Since school closures, we’ve worked hard to re-purpose and develop materials specifically for home learning. We want to ensure young people can access these topical and engaging materials and continue to be inspired by STEM subjects at home.

Nicola Soong, Global Commercial Operations, Pfizer, and parent of 2 children: “I’ve found it increasingly difficult to structure my children’s ‘school days’ and to find informative and interactive resources that suit their learning style. Pfizer’s teaching materials have been a great helping hand, and the superbugs content has helped me explain the current situation to my children with ease.”


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