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#FutureOfWork: Building the future through apprenticeships | S2 Ep4

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To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022, this week’s #FutureOfWork live show shines a spotlight on apprenticeships and their role in helping to build the future. Host Gavin O’Meara is joined by Gemma Wilson (Assistant Head of Product and Content, NCFE) as we discuss the role of apprenticeships in preparing today’s learners for the future workforce. We’re also joined by two special guest speakers, Anthony Impey (Chief Executive of Be the Business and National Chair of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network) and Lucy Hunte (National Programme Manager of Apprenticeships at Health Education England), to share their expertise and knowledge on the topic of apprenticeships.

Within today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the pandemic’s impact on the way we view apprenticeships and their effect on establishments and communities, as well as the opportunities and challenges presented by apprenticeships and the role of apprenticeships in addressing skills gaps. We’ll also explore what the future of apprenticeships looks like.

Feel free to join the conversation using the #FutureOfWork hashtag or by getting in touch!

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