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EDUtech_talks top 5 most-viewed videos in 2021


With over 300 videos @EDUtech_talks has showcased brilliant #EdTech ideas from educators all over, spanning across topics like hybrid learning, emerging tech in education, digital schools to wellbeing.

The future of assessments, leadership to thrive, community building and how to future-proof education in the face of disruption were top themes for 2021.

To end off an exciting 2021, we want to share with you our top 5 most-viewed videos!

1) Futureproofing schools in the age of digital disruption

Prepare by innovating. Get on top of technological disruptions.

Emerging technologies are slowly making inroads into the way we teach and learn today. This disruption has been further accelerated with the pandemic and the need for digital tools to facilitate remote learning.

Disruption can also give rise to innovation. Understand how you can prepare your school, staff and students and build innovative capacities to meet such disruptions.

2) Optimising synchronous and asynchronous learning strategies for future learners

Allow students more autonomy and options by offering synchronous and asynchronous learning.

This past year has opened different curriculum and classroom options. Provide students with the opportunity to personalise learning to their habits and preferences.

These educators discuss the impact on their teaching and how they envision lesson strategies moving forward.

3) Building an education community, powered by Smarter Technology

With the technological tools at our disposal, can schools and educators do more than online assignments and quizzes? The answer is yes, but support is critical. Lenovo’s EdVision programme aims at building an education community to drive digital competencies for all.

Educators and parents alike, need support and training to deliver effective home-based learning. As online and hybrid formats.

4) What’s your leadership game-plan to thrive in changing times?

Push through the disruption with clear leadership and adaptive practices. Over the past year, schools have gone into emergency mode, creating stopgap measures to manage school closures and restrictions.

But as we move forward and acclimatise to the new normal, how can schools thrive instead of just survive? Hear how international school organisations are rethinking their pedagogical practices, and curriculums.

5) Authentic assessments to map student’s progress in online learning

Are assessments necessary in today’s learning environment? If so, how should they be conducted?

Distance learning has been unchartered territory not only for students and parents but most importantly for educators as well. With the situation becoming uncertain and fluid, schools need to prepare to conduct assessments online.

This has prompted a rethink into the purpose of assessments and feedback. Understand how our panel’s perspectives have shifted and how they see assessments changing for the better.

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