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Skills World Live at the Battle of Ideas Festival

The Skills World Live Radio Show continues to be invited to record its award winning format at other really cool and interesting events.

It was an honour to be on the same billing as other great podcasts, including LBC, Spiked Online and Triggernometry.

This week, presenter Tom Bewick, was asked to question a panel at the Battle of Ideas Festival taking place in London.

‘Should Brits work harder or smarter?’

Recorded on Saturday 15 October (and before the demise of the government of Liz Truss), at Church House in Westminster, joining the panel was:

  • Rosamund Cuckston, Senior HR professional; co-organiser, Birmingham Salon
  • Francis Foster, Teacher and comedian; co-host, TRIGGERnometry
  • Claire Fox, Director, Academy of Ideas; independent peer, House of Lords; author, I STILL Find That Offensive!
  • Dr Michael Owens, Urban planning consultant and lecturer; author, Play the Game

If you want to know the answer to tackling the country’s growth, skills and productivity challenges then this podcast is unmissable. It’s also a humorous take, at times, on the strange world of British politics…

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[Recorded before Liz Truss’ resignation]

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