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The Power of Personalised and Immersive Learning with Carla Aerts at EdTechX

Carla Aerts at EdTechX

We were #OnLocation at the EdTechX Summit where we had the opportunity to interview Carla Aerts, EdTech Innovator and Leader.

In this interview, Carla Aerts discusses Personalised Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neurodiversity and Immersive Learning.

Check out some of the key points from the interview:

  • Everyone learns in different ways. But we are social learners.
  • Learner Variability may or may not address Personalised Learning.
  • Using technology for personalised learning can go too far and become deterministic.
  • Don’t rule out the social aspect. Covid has taught us that it is harder to crack the social and wellbeing aspects of learning compared to catching up on the actual learning.
  • AI provides more opportunities. Remain optimistic of these opportunities, but mindful of what AI can do to us.
  • AI can help those around a neurodiverse individual to identify what they might need to use as to assist the learner.
  • The metaverse brings a whole new world… but it is not that ‘new’. It allows collaboration, which assists in the social aspects of learning.

Watch the full interview with Carla below!

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