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University of Salford launches campaign to challenge public perception of research and innovation

University of Salford launches campaign to challenge public perception of research and innovation

The University of Salford(@SalfordUni) has launched It starts in Salford, a new campaign that showcases the groundbreaking research at Salford and its impact on everyday lives.  

The campaign aims to transform public perception of research and counter the misconception, revealed by CaSE*, that innovation is a luxury with little relevance to daily life. 

It starts in Salford is fronted by a video that invites viewers to take a walk in Celeste’s shoes to see all the ways the University’s research impacts moments in everyday life in Salford and beyond.  

The campaign also celebrates the University’s community of researchers, with a series of videos featuring researchers demonstrating how their work shapes the world around us. It starts in Salford highlights the University’s work across four themes; building prosperity and equity, improving sustainability, enabling healthier living and developing creativity and innovation.  

Professor Penny Cook, Interim Pro-Vice Chancellor Research and Enterprise at the University of Salford, said:

“At the University of Salford, we find solutions to the really hard to solve problems facing the world around us. We work with our partners to improve healthcare, help people with their energy bills, make the world sound better, boost the economy and influence policy, and more. 

“We know that not everyone is aware of the role that a University plays in transforming the everyday lives of people and communities, and we hope that our new campaign will help to shine a spotlight on some of the ways that our research here in Salford is shaping the wider world.” 

The campaign features researchers, colleagues and students from across the Salford community, as well as a soundtrack created by Adam Rowe, Creative Music Technology student.

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