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Unlocking Learners’ True Potential: Sue Thexton on the Importance of Engagement in Education

Sue Thexton at the OneFile Conference

At the recent OneFile user conference, Sue Thexton, Managing Director and Executive Vice Principal, shed light on the pressing challenges in the world of edtech, such as the financial stability of the provider landscape during the cost-of-living crisis, in addition to the challenges we all face in the sector to improve completion rates.

It wasn’t all bad though, there was such a buzz throughout the conference, with the focus on ‘The future of engagement’ and its importance to our sector.  Sue passionately talks about the immense possibilities that come with learner data visibility, and how it can revolutionise educational experiences for the better. 

We know that a crucial factor in learner success is engagement and with a deep understanding of how engagement directly impacts course completion, Sue stresses the importance of creating an environment that nurtures and inspires learners. By fostering a sense of accountability, keeping them motivated, and making them feel invested in their educational journey, she champions the idea that engagement is the key to unlocking learners’ true potential. 

Here, Sue discusses EdTech Challenges:

In this clip, Sue discusses Learner Data:

Finally, Sue chats about Leaner Completion:

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