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Cardinal Global Logistics Invests in Employees’ Future

Cardinal Global Logistics (CBL), based in Manchester, is demonstrating its commitment to ongoing training and development with a recent investment in a Customs Declaration Service (CDS) course, which has been fully funded as part of the GMCA Skills for Growth programme.

They are the fastest growing logistics provider and deliver transportation and logistics services to businesses around the world. The company offers a wide range of services, including air, road and ocean freight, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution, project cargo management, and e-commerce logistics.

CBL has a global network of partners and operates in over 120 countries. They currently employee around 270 members of staff at their Manchester offices.

CDS is replacing the previous customs handling system, CHIEF, and the course covers the changes between the two and the functions and the benefits of CDS, as well as enabling learners to practise submitting customs declarations correctly. This has become a necessity for companies in the logistics sector, who handle the import and export of goods and need to keep up to date with the latest regulations.

The course is being delivered by Seetec Outsource, as part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s ‘Skills for Growth’ programme. This initiative aims to upskill, and re-skill employed people across the city-region, to put them in a better position to progress in their careers while supporting businesses to grow.

Neil Jackson, Group Learning and Development Manager at Cardinal, said:

“We are constantly looking to develop our staff and help them progress in an ever-changing industry.

“The course was flexible, and it suited the needs of the business and the learners. The course has been able to help a large number of our staff learn about the main difference between the two systems. This will therefore provide our clients with a better service.”

CDS provides a range of benefits, including improved functionality, increased capacity, and enhanced security. It is designed to support the UK’s post-Brexit customs arrangements and help ensure the efficient movement of goods across borders. Businesses must be fully trained on CDS to ensure they can submit customs declarations correctly and avoid potential delays and fines.

Joe McGrath, Account Manager at Cardinal’s Manchester offices, was one of the employees who undertook the training. Joe explained why the course was relevant to his role in particular:

“It’s good to know about the new system so we can accurately pass on information to the customers.

“For me, it’s all about maintaining a high level of customer service and making sure I’m as informed as possible through extra training.”

One of the benefits of the CDS course is that it can be completed entirely through e-learning, which worked well for Joe:

“It was good that you could do it at your own pace – I completed mine across two afternoons when I wasn’t as busy. There were tutors available to ask questions if you had any issues and given that in our department there are people with a variety of experience levels, no-one felt nervous or embarrassed to ask if they were unsure about anything.”

Joe also discussed what he learnt on the course:

“One of the main things for me was getting back up to date with the Incoterms; it’s really important to have the correct one in place as it determines where duty is paid. The course has definitely strengthened my knowledge and that allows me to be the best version of myself for our customers.”

Joe has worked for Cardinal for eighteen months and he was keen to highlight the emphasis the company puts on training and development:

“It is encouraged from the top down, from our CEO to our managers and team leaders. They’re always trying to help you to learn and improve.”

Jake Croxton, Key Account Manager for Transport and Logistics at Seetec Outsource, said:

“Continuous upskilling in the transport and logistics industry is critical for both personal and organisational growth. In today’s fast-paced business world, technology is constantly evolving, and the new CDS course provides an effective and efficient way to acquire new skills and knowledge.

“As the industry continues to advance, those who invest in their skills and knowledge will be better positioned to drive innovation, improve efficiencies, and ultimately, deliver greater value to their clients.”

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