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Preparing your workforce for Plan B

Dean Corbett Chief People Officer at Avado

Following the Government’s Plan B announcement last night, HR teams must prepare their staff for yet another rapid working transition.

Learning from the first work-from-home transition, this is a crucial time for businesses to leverage data such as from feedback channels/company surveys that report on employee thoughts and behaviours. Work-from-home models achieve the most when people’s lives are at the forefront of the strategy. 

Dean Corbett, Chief People Officer at Avado (the UK’s leading online L&D provider) has shared his thoughts on how utilising ‘people data’ can enable greater workplace happiness, help sustain strong business culture and ensure a successful working transition:

“Hybrid working can be successful if people and all aspects of their lives are put at the forefront. Generally, everyone has different expectations, ambitions and needs, so in responding to the increased ask for more flexible, remote or hybrid working, businesses need to build models that accommodate what people want and need to both perform at their best today and realise their potential for tomorrow. 

Collecting data on the likes and dislikes of home working and an office environment, gave us enormous insight into the way we can support the min the transition to a more long-term hybrid working environment. Implementing various allowances to accommodate what our employees want and need helps.”

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