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Using a Multilingual Virtual Human to Say Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger in Mandarin

Screenshot of Guildhawk CEO Zilinskiene and Director Clarke multilingual virtual human digital twin avatars speaking mandarin for Chinese New Year wishes

The woman-owned AI-technology and linguistics firm Guildhawk have introduced a remarkable new, creative way to instantly say, “Happy Chinese New Year” to friends in Mandarin.

Watch the how to say, ‘Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger’ video and learn more about Guildhawk’s new, exclusive AI-powered translation technologies and on the Guildhawk news page.

Anniversaries are special times when you want to wish friends good health, happiness and prosperity and last week almost two billion did that when they welcomed the New Lunar Year of the Water Tiger. There was extra good reason to do so because the Tiger, the third of the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac, has remarkable meaning for people born under the sign.

Chinese astrologers also tell us the powerful Tiger will bring better times through 2022 and it is a year for more diplomacy and kindness. Guildhawk wanted to offer our best wishes to all our Chinese friends across the world, and what better way to say it than in Mandarin with sensational fireworks.

Since it was a challenge to travel at the moment, the Guildhawk CEO that Codes Jurga Zilinskiene and Director of Integrity David Clarke commissioned their Guildhawk virtual human twins to send wishes of good health, happiness and prosperity. Using the magic of Guildhawk’s AI-powered translation technologies, David and Jurga (who were born under the signs of the Fire Dragon and Water Rabbit respectively) used Guildhawk Aided to instantly and securely translate their English message into Simplified Chinese. This was then verified before being converted to speech spoken by their virtual human twins and a multilingual video quickly created with beautiful moving images.

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