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Where have all the workers gone? Economic Affairs Committee launches new inquiry on labour shortages

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The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, chaired by Lord Bridges of Headley, today invites written submissions to its new inquiry on recent trends in the UK labour market.

Vacancies are still at record levels and above pre-pandemic levels in all industries. The committee will examine the causes of the reduction in the size of the labour force and which sectors are most affected.

The committee is seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the recent trends in labour supply? How large are reductions in the size of the labour force?
  2. Which sectors and regions are most affected? Are the public and private sectors affected differently?
  3. Which people have been leaving the labour market? What is the socio-economic and demographic breakdown?
  4. What factors are contributing to reductions in the size of the labour force? 
  5. What effect are wage levels having on the supply of labour?
  6. How do recent changes in the UK’s labour supply compare with those in other developed countries?

The deadline for the submission of written evidence is Friday 23 September 2022.

Read the call for evidence and find out how to submit evidence.

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