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The CEO of School of Coding Wins the Innovation Award at Institute of Directors

We are thrilled to announce that our visionary leader, Manny Athwal, has been honoured with the prestigious Innovation Award at the Institute of Directors (IoD) Annual Awards ceremony.

Manny Athwal, our CEO, has always been a leader in the field of Coding and Computer Science. His relentless pursuit of groundbreaking ideas and his ability to transform those ideas into tangible results have set him apart as a true leader.

Under his guidance, School of Coding has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, driving growth, and fostering a culture of creativity and excellence.

The IoD Innovation Award acknowledges Manny’s exceptional leadership and the innovative spirit that has propelled our organisation to new heights. It highlights his role as a forward-thinking leader who not only embraces change but also inspires others to do the same.

Manny’s dedication to innovation is not limited to School of Coding, he is also a figure in the wider business community. He actively participates in industry events, mentorship programs with Aston sharing his expertise and inspiring others to think outside the box.

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