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An Uprising Of The Reasonable

Edufuturists Uprising 2023. 4th May in Leeds, UK.

We are led to believe that the education system will evolve to meet the needs of learners.

It hasn’t.

Instead, like a Hunger Games tribute act, learners are pitted against learners in a game of memorisation, where the winners are told they will enjoy life and the losers are told they should have tried harder.

This is not only a lie, but it’s robbing our children of:

  • a healthy mind
  • a love of learning
  • skills for a rapidly changing world

“An uprising of the reasonable is our only chance”

Keith Olbermann

Rise Up

On 4th May 2023 we are hosting The Edufuturists Uprising.

An event for those who know it can be better.

Who are doing better.

Who are leading the way.

If any of these sound like you, then we welcome you to join us for an evening of friendship, ideas and affinity.

As we gather for the uprising we’ll celebrate the winners of the Edufuturists Awards 2023 and we’ll plan our next steps.

A Box 3 Mindset

A ‘Box 3’ approach to innovation in education is needed.

We’ve tried Box 1 optimisation of the current system. As a result we just try to fit more knowledge into the learner’s brain. Box 3 innovation is long overdue. We need an uprising of educators, innovators and entrepreneurs who create the future of education.

It’s Already Here.

The system may not be evolving, but there are revolutions popping up all over the world.

Innovations in learning and schooling are spreading rapidly both outside and inside the system – just listen to episodes of the Edufuturists podcast to explore them. In the next few years real alternatives will be common. They will not be afraid to leave the past behind and prepare learners for the future.

We will be celebrating these innovations on 4th May 2023.

Nominations are now open for the awards that will be presented at this event:

Find out more and book tickets at

Disruption is coming. Join The Uprising.

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